HCAA Site Recording Forms

To record new sites and revisit previously recorded sites, HCAA uses the following forms to ensure accurate documentation and compliance with every project conducted in the field and lab. 

For all forms, print as “actual size” to retain correct scale.

Feature Form

Field Sack Log Excavations

Field Sack Log Surface Surveys

Final Catalogue Numbers

HCAA Catalogue Form

HCAA Catalogue Slips

Investigation Agreement with Landowner

Isolated Find Sack (IF) Log

Liability Release Cemetery Program COVID19

Liability Release Form Multiple Persons

Photo Log

Plan View Grid for Unit Level Form

Shovel Test Form HCAA

Shovel Test Site Level Tags

Site Data Outline Form

Site Mapping Log

Site Sketch Map Form (Word format)

Site Sketch Map Form (Pdf format)

Unit Level Form