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Steve Stoutamire

1.  “Archeology of the Edwards Plateau of Central Texas”- Power point with some artifact presentation, approximately 1 hr.Target audience: adult.
2. “Origin of Chert in the Edwards Plateau” - Power point 40 minutes with chert and other lithic specimens.Target audience: high school to adult.

3. “Historic Indians of Central and West Texas” - Power point 20 minutes.Target audience: High school to adult.

All of above three can be combined into one presentation or presented as singles.

4. "The Who, What, When and Where of Modern Archeology"  - Power Point presentation 50 minutes. Target audience: Adults. Summary: Presentation consists of three parts.  The first is a brief presentation of the high points of Hall's Cave, Gatlin and Bering Sink Hole sites in Kerr County.  The second part covers new and improved technology in archeology Such as ams radiocarbon dating, human bone isotope analysis to determine diet, etc.  The third part covers significant new sites combined with recent technology which push human's entrance into the Americas before Clovis.

Bryant Saner

“Archeology of the Hill Country of Texas”, with artifact review and demonstrations.