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KATEMCY: THE COMANCHE PEACEMAKER by Joseph Luther, Ph.D (September 13, 2020)

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Comanche chief Katemcy is one of the unrecognized champions of the Penateka (Pen-ah-took-uh) Comanches of Texas. Although a subchief under Santa Anna, it was Katemcy who first met with Meusebach in 1847 at the present-day site of Mason, Texas. It was Katemcy who made possible the celebrated treaty between the … Read More

Unconventional Warfare in the Hill Country: INSURGENCY AND COUNTER INSURGENCY

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by Joseph Luther3.11.2010 In 1862, General H.P. Bee, commander of all Confederate forces in South Texas, declared Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, Medina, and Bexar Counties – where the German protests were the strongest – to be “in open rebellion” and, in effect, declared war on them. Robert G. Schulz, Jr. wrote … Read More

Texas Archeology Society Bulletins donated to HCAA!

Another generous donation has been received by the HCAA from Mr. Marvin Glasgow.  Mr. Glasgow delivered hard copies of annual bulletins for the Texas Archeology Society covering over the last 30 years. These valuable publications will be used by the HCAA in its educational programs and for HCAA members to … Read More

Lithic Collection Donated to HCAA

“A very generous donation was recently made to the HCAA by Mr. Marvin Glasgow of Willow Park, Texas. His lithic collection included diagnostic dart and arrow points covering Early Archaic through Late Prehistoric time periods as well as numerous tools such as scrapers, choppers, utilized flakes, etc. All of the … Read More

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