KATEMCY: THE COMANCHE PEACEMAKER by Joseph Luther, Ph.D (September 13, 2020)

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Comanche chief Katemcy is one of the unrecognized champions of the Penateka (Pen-ah-took-uh) Comanches of Texas. Although a subchief under Santa Anna, it was Katemcy who first met with Meusebach in 1847 at the present-day site of Mason, Texas. It was Katemcy who made possible the celebrated treaty between the … Read More

Unconventional Warfare in the Hill Country: INSURGENCY AND COUNTER INSURGENCY

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by Joseph Luther3.11.2010 In 1862, General H.P. Bee, commander of all Confederate forces in South Texas, declared Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, Medina, and Bexar Counties – where the German protests were the strongest – to be “in open rebellion” and, in effect, declared war on them. Robert G. Schulz, Jr. wrote … Read More

Notice of Field Work

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In an effort to keep HCAA membership apprised of our association’s current status, following is an update of HCAA field activities: In early March of this year, field work at CWR was suspended due to COVID-19. In early May exploratory efforts were made with a small crew going back out … Read More

Another Way to Preserve The Past

We were all disappointed when we had to cancel our March HCAA General meeting and Jenny McWilliams’ presentation about “Locating Lost Cemeteries in the Hill Country” due to Covid-19. As Jenny wrote in the abstract for her talk, “archeologists are trained to observe the landscape and look for clues of … Read More

International Archaeology Film Festival online

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Note!!! An interesting learning opportunity for us starting now!!! The Archeology Channel is hosting the International Film Festival online for the first time in 17 years. The opportunity to view the films will take place between May 13-17th. You will need to register for a virtual ticket, a nominal fee, … Read More

Become an HCAA Volunteer!!

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Be part of our growing organization whose mission and passion is to study and preserve the Texas Hill Country’s prehistoric and historic heritage, and to educate the public about archeology. The Board of Directors is conducting a survey to identify additional volunteers. (If having difficulty submitting survey online, open in … Read More

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