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Steve Stoutamire teaching morning portion of the class, classroom setting.

Beginning in March the HCAA will offer a five part course in Field and Lab Techniques. This course has been taught by HCAA since 2009 and is particularly helpful to members who want to do site work. To review the course curriculum, simply click the SUMMARY here.

This summary more fully describes the course, as well as an advanced course for graduates of the initial course who want to become Principal Archeologists, who can then lead teams of members to work archeological sites. There is no charge for the course. However, there is a 106 page manual compiled by the HCAA which is not mandatory but recommended. The manual will cost somewhere between $30-$40 (our last price quote was for the 2016 course, and was $30).

Each session of the 5 part course is between 3-4 hours and takes place in the lab or in the field. Exact times for each session will be determined by the number of students and their schedules. The HCAA tries to accommodate personal schedules to maximize the number of students attending each class.

If you are interested in taking this class, please contact STEVE STOUTAMIRE or cell 830-370-8947. Membership is required in order to take any courses and participate in site work. So, if you are not yet a member, Join Us Today!

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